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Providing children the opportunity to express their truth,
heal their hearts and reach their full potential

Parent Education

Parenting is one of the greatest privileges anyone can have, but keeping one’s balance can be challenging at times. Positive parenting can make a world of a difference in your child’s life, and affect their world view, their ability to form and sustain healthy relationships, their ability to overcome adversity, and their self-confidence. Positive parenting enhances the effectiveness of therapy, and strengthens your relationship with your child.

Parenting the traumatized or highly sensitive child can feel even more overwhelming, but support in these areas can make all the difference.

Services offered by this practice regarding parenting:

  • General information and guidance sessions on parenting
  • Individual guidance sessions on trauma-informed parenting
  • Guidance on the facilitation of secure attachment and bonding
  • Guidance sessions on parenting the highly sensitive child
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