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Providing children the opportunity to express their truth,
heal their hearts and reach their full potential

Attachment-based Intervention

With attachment based interventions, parents are given a chance to gain insight into their baby, toddler or child's behaviour, and the needs that drive the behaviour.

Sessions focus on attachment enhancing interactions between parents/caregivers and their child, and activities are gently guided by the counsellor. During sessions you will learn:

  • More about attachment
  • How to be nurturing towards your child
  • Awareness and mindfulness of your child's thoughts and emotions
  • How to regulate your own and your child's emotions

Research has shown that a healthy attachment bond between parent and child can enhance emotional, social and behavioural development, and has a physical impact on brain development. Children who have a secure attachment to a caregiver will have a greater likelihood of reaching their full intellectual potential; are better able to regulate themselves emotionally; experience improved social skills; develop sufficient trust in relationships; cope better with frustration and stress; have an increased sense of self-worth; are more empathetic; and are better able to overcome general fears and phobias, as well as jealousy.

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